Great night for Kjerstad and Martin

HK 2 HRs and Martin 4 hits…keep it up this weekend guys!great to see Goodheart get his 1st HR I think he will hit more.

This week the four hour baseball is bouncing our way. wps

Didn’t Hk hit a grand slam??

Martin had a good game. And he needed it! He did have a one bad AB but that is a vast improvement over the last few weeks.
The double to right canter was the one I liked most.
Heston did have 2 homers and just missed the 3rd one that was just short of going out. He’s starting to drive the ball to all parts of the field.
Fletcher has been hitting the ball pretty good. Tonight he was a little off.
Goodheart has been driving the ball and it must seem like a beach ball when it Head to the dish. If all these guys get hot at the same time it could be hard for anybody to beat them.
I also liked seeing Washington get a start tonight and he came through tonight as well.

I don’t like some of the pitching tonight especially the HBP and the walk that Taylor issued.

I think our Hogs will beat Vandy on the road this weekend. Maybe a sweep.

Friday Game is huge need to win it. I’m not real sure Noland can hold down that offense,I like our chances on Sunday better. I think we can win too if we hit the ball real well and take advantage of opportunities.

Campbell should be pitching Friday night at Vandy. I’ll be there with 3 grandsons and my son in law.

Should be a good game.

Awesome LD sounds like fun! Hope the weather is good…

I think DVH will throw the kitchen sink at Vandy on Friday and Saturday to try to win both of those games. Sunday he will approach the same way as last weekend at Vandy.
Friday it Campbell can go 7 innings it would be a great help. If we have a big lead and are able to finish the game without Cronnin it would help our chances for Saturday.
Saturday Noland may not have a long leash. Scroggins following him and Cronnin to close.
Sunday just piece it together after Wicklander gives you all he has in the tank. The lefty could also start on Saturday.