Great. Morris. Shooting for the bottom again.

If you will review my posts regarding the CBB hire on scout, you will see i called it perfect. Yet I was attacked. So, here we go again. How does hiring a 7-5 coach who ran a program full of bad sportsman save the Razorbacks. Answer, it does not. See everyone here in five years.

Wow, you would have had a stroke when Frank Broyles was hired (if you were around back then.)

Hey, Dabo Swinney had 0 HC experience when he took over…guess who saved his behind? That would be Chad Morris.

Do your research on Chas Morris and you will see he is a winner. His connections in Texas and his reputation alone will help recruiting. Anyone judging him off of the SMU record is just wearing blinders. Take to the time to look at the SMU record before he got there.
I’m looking forward to seeing the hogs play under his leadership. Time to get too crootin!

Who was your pick?

It occurs to me that anyone can come on here claiming he posted something prescient five years ago on a board that no longer exists. Especially since we have no idea what he was called then (if he even posted at all).

Many would have had a stroke, when Frank Hired Coach Hatfield…from Air Force.

And both a stroke and a heart attack when Frank Broyles was hired.

Fans like the OP are simply annoying. There’s no way they can know if a coach will be successful. But here we have a new coach who hasn’t led us in one game, hasn’t suffered one loss as our coach, & already he’s bashing him. No honeymoon for this coach with this time of fan. He’s ready to pounce at the first loss or even the first win if it’s against a team we “should” beat & the style points aren’t good enough.

All I know is a lot of people have a very high opinion of this man’s coaching ability. I also know he has a lot of ties to Texas high schools. He might or might not meet our expectations (no coach would meet some fans’ expectations), but he’s a good bet.

And Lou Holtz had just quit the NY Jets with a game left in the season having won all of three games. No one knew him or wanted him. He did all right.

Some will have a stroke, heart attack, or develope liver problems from kool aid consumption no matter who we hire!

well if Dabo and Venebles talk glowingly about him,he’s got my vote,basically got Clemson rolling to where they are now 3 straight 10 win seasons and offense went off the charts when he took over…The hiring of a GREAT DC and finding a QB will make or break him IMO,the scheme is sound just have to get the right personnel to run it.

I am happy as can be that we hired him. He is an ICON of Texas HS football. He gets beat up for a 7-5 record but everyone forgets that he was at a PRIVATE school with a 28 ACT min for entry. He also took over a 1-11 team and turned it around with a bunch of high GPA athletes.

supposedly, when GM finally informed Ark he was staying at Auburn, he told them that they should go after Morris

Don’t know Chad Morris and didn’t know who the SMU coach was until a few days ago, everyone who knows Morris that I’ve heard speak says nothing but good things about him, that’s good enough for me, glad he is the next coach, Go Hogs.