Great memories.......long and sappy

We’re headed home today to visit family, friends and attend the first two football games. Since we moved too Tennessee 20 years ago spending that much time home was tough because of work and kids. Retirement is good.

War Memorial Stadium has so many great memories for me and my family. My Uncle James took me there for the first time in the late 50’s. I fell in love with the Razorbacks that day. We had seats in section 19 for most of the 80’s and early 90’s. My two daughters attended every game there with us when they children. We saw a lot of great wins and many heartbreaking losses. Lots of memories about the game but my best memories are the special time we had with friends and family at the game and tailgating.

Both our girls would be outfitted in Razorback cheerleader uniforms (we saved the uniforms and our two granddaughters have worn them). Our tailgating crew included family and friends. We tailgated in front of Ray Windsor field for over a decade. My older brother (actually brother in law) Wendall and I broke down the game and always agreed we would win. Our dear friend Bubba Hardgrave kept us all in stitches with his comedy. Bubba would sing the Alma Mater very loud in the pre game and say “Bacon of Hope” rather than “Beacon of Hope”. The entire section loved Bubba. One year prior to a Texas game Bubba and I had Kazoo’s and circled the stadium playing the Razorback Fight Song. We made it on National TV that day. I still have that tape. My father in law would attend with us on occasion and would bring tuna fish sandwiches wrapped in napkins and munch on them throughout the game. Oh how I miss my father in law - what a Godly loving man.

Next Thursday I’ll be sitting in section 19 for the first time in a couple of decades. I’ll enjoy the game but my mind will drift back to Bubba and John (my father in law) both who are now with their Lord in heaven. I’ll remember my girls calling the Hogs and I’ll cherish those memories. For some like me the games are wonderful but the memories of family and friends are the most important part of Razorback football.

Please do not think that this post is to start over the debate about WMS. Even I can see that it’s only a matter of time before all games are at RRS. My intent was to show that memories as a Razorback fan are not always about wins or losses but about family, friends and enjoying the experience. WPS


Great post - I have similar memories of WMS in the early 80’s. I still vividly remember my first game in 1980 when Arkansas beat Wichita State 27-7. Like so many before and after me I was hooked.

This Thursday I’m taking my 9 yr old so and we’ll sit with my Dad who first brought me to that place which is and always will be special to me. The opponent on the field will be of secondary concern… Making a memory with people you care about will be what it’s all about.

That was great and true for most of us in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Not sappy, warm and personal.
It caused me to turn back a few pages in my mind
of meeting up with friends at the McDonalds. Really
fond times and memories.

Fellow HOG.

Thanks for the post LD! It’s nice to reminisce occasionally. I tried a few days ago to calculate the number of Razorback games I attended in WMS and finally gave up. The first few years I sat on the grassy slope in the North end zone and my ticket was either $3 or $5, This was in the late 50’s. I started driving the family auto alone in '62 and went to most of the LR games from '62-'78. I moved out of state i '78 too far to travel to most games and have only attended a few there since. Too many memories for me from those games to try to recall them all. However, I will always remember the “Immortal” Teddy Barnes catch. I know WMS will soon be gone as a Razorbacks venue but there is a lot of Hog gridiron history that will remain in that stadium.

Thanks for your heartfelt post. Family and memories mean so much. GHG!