Great, it appears that we will settle for mediocracy

We should have kept BB

Whether you like it or not, looks like he is going to be the guy. He wasn’t my first choice, but like just about any one else we could have hired, I’m going to give him a chance to prove himself and the judgment of the people that hired him before I start complaining.

On a positive note, a lot of the mouth-breathers on Hogville are going nuts about the hire, claiming they are not going to renew season tickets they never had, things like that. If that mob is upset about any decision by the athletic department, that means there is a high probability it was the right decision.

we hired a coach that was linked to A&M and to Tennessee, with strong recruiting ties to TX, OC at Clemson. well-liked by college and NFL people.

of course we have no idea if he’ll be great here, new coaches are a crap-shoot. but don’t start crying already lol! at least wait till we lose to Toledo or Tx Tech.

If you can’t find a happy place, try this…one large rum&coke.

say out loud over and over, in your best monk-chant voice…“sun is warm…grass is green…sun is warm…grass is green”


LOL, at least let the guy coach a game

We have a good coach.

We just got rid of a guy who was so bad he couldn’t call a time out.

Be thankful!

Welcome to Arkansas Chad!

One of those “onic” words … ironic, moronic, not enough tonic, etc.

Very good N L R Buzzard. And so true. 75% of the H V posters on the football coaching vacancy negative Nancy’s.

I think I saw he may want to bring Venables here as DC.

How awesome would that be.

If we want to take a major steps we have to pay for the best coordinators and recruiters in the country

Hope you are dead wrong.

I believe he’s a good hire.

We shall see.

We get it Bayou Hog . You don’t like the hire.

Holdenfield I like your reply!!

Just dumb as a box of rocks

It sounds like Hogville hasn’t changed a bit.

We get it, Bayou. Morris will have no leeway from you. He will be expected to win 10 games in his first year, even if the team doesn’t fit with his scheme. SMH

Two comments:

  1. Bayouhog, THIS is getting personal.

  2. “mediocracy” is not a word. It’s mediocrity.

I think Bayouhog IS Lane Kiffen

Go root for A-State