Great Hog Pod interview with Sam

Yes, it’s paywall. It’s also a great 28 minutes.

Struck me what he said about Cam Little, his value to the team.

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Man, CSP is so down to earth. Just a good ole boy.

Just a solid human being and a great leader for the Hogs. This team is needing a better pass rush this year to reach a spectacular season. Without exception, EVERY other part of the team is better this year. Led the SEC in rushing and almost every running back and offensive lineman are back. Had good QB play last year and signs of even better this year. Lost a great WR but there is a room full of WRs stepping up to collectively replace him. We could have a very dangerous tight end in Knox. Kicking game is solid. Coaching staff is top notch. There is depth and talent in the secondary. The D-line and avoiding critical injuries are the key to this season. JMVVVVVHO.

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You can listen to the podcasts without using Hogs+.

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