Great Hog Football Preview!

Really enjoying it

1st season I remember not buying any other football preview

So the best one HI is the only one I’m getting this year

Clay love the preseason prediction - hope springs eternal - I hope you are correct

Just looking at the oline 2020 should be a significant improvement for the Razorbacks with a lot of Sr O linemen and a schedule that has a lot of tougher teams at our place - I look for the breakthrough in 2020

This year I see 4 wins maybe 5 for 2019 - I hope for more but we will see

Live the preview

Received mine yesterday. Looking forward to getting into it. Right now, I think anything over 4, perhaps 5 will be a big reach. There is just not enough SEC players ready to play for more. We can always hope as I do each year, but I have been in that “Show Me” stage ever since BB forgot that a game is 4 qtrs. (I think that had a lot to do with no SEC depth and no or poor in game adjustments).

Clay and company always do a good job on this issue. This one looks to be even better.

Will be interesting to see how the newcomers who weren’t on-campus for spring football will crack Clay’s depth chart come September. Also was interesting to see where the Seniors are projected to be starters vs underclassmen regarding what the 2020 and beyond might look like after they leave.

Good read!!

I tell you what I like. It’s the quality of work. And the Cover, inside every page is like gold to me. NO 2nd class piece of work. I read it and then it goes on the coffee table in the Great Room. Great show piece of work if anyone comes cover. Clay, DD on down the line I use facts to show people and maybe I brag at having HI in my great room. Very proud to show it off, so to speak.

Go to a magazine stand and MATCH the other magazines VS the quality of work of other magazines and you tell me how HI compares to other work.

Actually I’m proud I even know Clay, DD, Marty, Terry and Elton Mercer, and so on. I have posted many years and feel great to be a part of the Razorback nation. Actually just got a call from Elton Mercer and I told Elton were you ears burning as I was trying his name as he call just nor to check on me and get put on a prayer list that I will take prayers from everyone.

Thank’s a lot to all!!


We are happy to know you as well.

My goal is to make each one better. This one will be hard to beat in many ways. It’s bigger. 92 pages. And that allowed for more photos. Photo chief Ben Goff did a great job putting together a good folder and page designer Kai Caddy did a wonderful job of building a bunch of great layouts.

This one is the finest piece of work yet.
Hoping for a 5-6 win season, it could just happen with the schedule and as everyone else takes us lightly after a 2-10 campaign last year.

Thanks. For those who aren’t subscribers, you can fix that by calling 800-757-6277. Someone will mail you this one to be your first magazine. I think you will like it.

Clay, I see various written articles where current player weights are discussed, usually something like player x has added 15 pounds of “good muscle” since last season, but the bulk of weights we see posted in the HI Football Preview do not reflect those spring gains, but instead seem to show what has been shown on the on-line player roster for months. I thought we would see new and current weights at the end of spring training, or as of the end of the school spring semester, but haven’t seen any updates. When will we see a “current state” update on our players? Right now, it seems dated. Thanks.

That’s a good thought and provides me ANOTHER chance to explain the process for getting the weights.

The weights you get are updated twice a year. So the next time you will see updated weights will be in August.

It never changes. Ever. You get updated weights in mid March at the start of spring drills and again in August before fall camps. That’s the only times they are updated. It’s not the way everyone would like to see them updated. We’d like them updated every month, or every two months, or every four months. But we get them updated every six months.

I can find you posts where people complain about not getting updated weights every spring, every summer, every winter. We would all like to see weights updated a little more often than what we get them, but it’s not really a concern for the communications staff or the coaches. Sorry. That won’t change … ever.

It’s just the way it is with football teams. I don’t think it’s anymore dated this year than it was last year, or in 1992 when I first started doing this magazine.

The coaches don’t make it a focus to give media the weights updated 10 times a year. Yes, they have them. But they don’t give them out, for whatever reason. So you don’t get the gains or the losses very often. Players will tell you their current weights. But they change weekly and for sure monthly.

The interviews for this magazine were mainly done in early May before finals of the spring semester. In those handful of interviews, a player might mention his weight. They’ve gone home for three weeks, then began summer school. It’s different now than it was eight weeks ago.

The weights are from the week before spring drills started. That’s the weights you are going to see until the August roster is handed out the first day of fall practice. Those weights will be from checks by the conditioning staff on or about July 15. That will be the weights you read all season, although they will go both ways (lighter and heavier) over the next three months. Then, you won’t see weights again until the spring roster.

As they say, sorry about that. Nothing is going to change in this process going forward. You will see them updated twice a year and we will run that roster.

FYI, those are the weights from the roster given us for the spring game the first week of April. That’s the last time a published roster was given to the media.