Great great great 8 season!

Hate we were so close and a couple of open looks from really turning the thing around late. But it just didn’t happen.

Exciting game. I’m betting Devo works like a dog on the one missing element of his game in the off season… a 3 point shot, and I bet he has one next season. Kid will be all world when he does.

I really hope we bring in a real live shooter as well.

Good luck to Moses hope he makes his fortune and has a long blessed professional career.

Going to be interesting to see how the roster shakes out for next season. Personally I hope we have the opportunity to develope and bring in a couple of quality shooters.

We have a great core coming in and current talent to keep this going. Just a couple of shooting pieces to add. We have size coming to go with Jaylin.

Always frustrating to continue to dig your own hole right out of the gate I truly hope we deal with this obvious problem. These guys do have enough guys with dog in them to always fight back. And that is admirable. But it simply has to be fixed, whatever that looks like.

Anyway I’m happy, excited to see what happens between now and next season. WPS!

Almost forgot. Pay the man.


Whatever it takes, Pay The Man…

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I agree. Need to bring in a couple shooters.

Devo will be an all American before he leaves. He has the will to maximize his potential and a coaching staff that can help him get there. He’s just a winner. The kind of player that can change a program.

I expect Jaylin to improve by leaps and bounds as well. I think he’s a lot like Devo, attitude wise.

Very interested to see what KK brings. And Notae should keep getting better as well.

Go on down the list. Couldn’t be more excited.

Great post. I agree with every word Gas. This team gave us a ton of joy. There is NO WAY I would have believed we would go to the Elite * at the start of this year. I was honestly hoping we would get to the dance, and win a game. I figured if we got it in would be as a 9 seed or higher…and that we might win a game.

Boy was I wrong.

Losing stings. But let’s all appreciate what these young men did for our state. They made basketball important again. That is what they did.


The future is bright. Coach will correct things that need correcting… either by player development or roster improvements. Perhaps both.

He will get paid, and I predict he will be here a while.

The next Tournament goal for Hogs to reach is beating a #1 seed. We are now 0-10 all time.

Or…BE the #1 seed next time…not unrealistic given we were a #3 this year…

I think that will be done again under Coach Muss.

But still amazing that, with all our Tournament successes, we’ve never beaten a #1.

I see the Bud filled a lot next year. Nothing like the Bud…

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