Great game last night

work got busy late yesterday, home was busy, so I was watching the game in spurts. can’t wait to watch it in peace later today. But from what I saw…

Auburn brought their A game. they had great energy, shot lights out! they were diving for balls and scrapping for rebounds. yet another Flanigan played well against us (I love nurse Flanigan and coach, but I wish they’d quit sending their family to Auburn, lol). they musta hit 20 3’s.

And Moses looked more mortal than usual. JSmith is injured. Connor still struggling with his 3.

And Auburn still loses. At home. By 12. Wow! from what I saw, we played so tough, so gritty, just never flinched, remained laser-focused. our FT’s!

I can’t stand Bruce Pearl (lousy, low life, spineless, hopeless, four-flushing, stiff legged, liver spotted sack of monkey poo he is!). I can’t stand Auburn. But they always seem to shoot 80% 3’s against us. makes it all the sweeter when they play that well and we just roll them anyway. Love it!



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