Great game clip of Walker/Robertson team win vs Texas A&M

Was trying to find the old clip of Walker taking a swing during TX game but could not find.

Robertson and Walker perhaps my favorite Arkansas guard combos of all time.

That was the perfect end to my day. Great names. I was 8 then. I used to get so upset when we got knocked out of the tournament and seniors would be gone. Loved the usage of the glass. The guy alongside Paul hardly spoke. Enjoyed hearing “Walker” and “dunk shot”. Nice game Carey Kelly.

We are not too far off in age.

I used to watch all the games with my dad in the living room and when we lost a big one or an NCAA tournament game, I would then excuse myself to go cry in my room.

The last minute or so in this game is solid gold to my youth. Robertson breakaway. Walker for the win.

We have a great program history.

Hoping for the best in this search.

That was a good A&M team, too. Thanks for sharing !!!

Hard to believe we were able to lure Scott Hastings away from Kansas. KU wanted him badly coming out of HS.