Great game by Devo

Led the Hogs in scoring tonight! You have to root for Devo. He plays hard every minute he’s on the court. Terrific rebounding guard. I believe he is going to be a big part of this team over his 4 years here.


I agree. He looked very good. I love players that hustle all over the court.

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I’m so happy for him. He seems to be the least-discussed of this great frosh class. but his hs play reminded me of Desi Sills-tremendous worker who wouldn’t “wow” you with points, but his team just wins. and wins a lot, and he does whatever his team needs. a real “baller”.

man, this class has a chance to really make a mark, if they keep working hard and stick around.


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He’s such a fast twitch athlete. Muss always talks about him running down loose balls in practice and you can see why. Just a ball of energy. Super rebounder as mentioned above.


It sounds like Devo really grabbed that whip and made the most of his opportunity. I hope he gets significant minutes against the mules Saturday night. You know that he will whip them good.

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I love Devo too! I said in another thread that I believe he’ll have a triple double or 2 before he hangs up his Hog jersey.

It’s not too late for him. He’s gone forward and moved ahead.

I see what you did, there. :laughing:

Easily the best DEVO song :sunglasses:

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He has his Freedom of Choice to continue working hard and playing his way into more playing time for sure.

He’s super quick. Really good at getting those 50/50 loose ball situations.

You know how players are wearing chains and stuff on the bench in football? Muss is so creative, the Hog with the best BPM at the end of the game gets to wear one of these. We can call it the Devo award.



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