Great game but terrible trip there

On the way to the game, I got rear-ended at a stop light at JFK and McCain and knocked out into the middle of the intersection. The first thing I said to my daughter was, well there goes the game. Luckily, there were 2 police cars stopped at that intersection who both saw the accident. When I told them we were headed to the game, they worked quickly, gave the guy a ticket, took all our information, and we were off in about 20 minutes.

By the way, I see now why Subaru is always at the top of the safety ratings in their class. I expected to see my rear end demolished, but when I looked, my bumper had a couple of dents and no damage at all to the metal above it. It did damage my tailpipe and shoved it back into my muffler. The front end of the car that hit me (a Honda) was folded up and looked like it hit a tree at 60 mph.

After starting the night that way, I expected the worst from the Hogs. Instead I got to see them play maybe their best game this year. Made me feel much better about the accident. Now, here’s hoping the guy didn’t stop making his payments and let his insurance lapse. He was 4 months into his 6 month policy.

I’m sure you have uninsured motorist policy, so the guy will pay in long run, even if your insurance has to cover the damage initially, I know that’s not a reprieve but,
Glad your night ended on a much better note, thanks to the Hogs.

I got hammered by an uninsured motorist in Atlanta about 25 years ago in my little Subaru wagon. Car was totaled but I walked away without a scratch. About five years later I got a check from my insurance company for $500 bucks. My insurance company hounded her for years until she paid every penny for her carelessness. Glad you’re OK and weren’t on your Harley!