Great Fares Lit - Den!

There continues to be talk about several of you coming to the CSU game. More on that and CO as it gets closer. Did notice that Denver baised Frontier is now serving LIT and they just had a fare promotion of $15 one way. These are highly restricted fares of course and were for the remainder of the spring and summer, but for those of you interested, I suggest you get on their Email list and keep watch. When these come up, you have to move fast.

Of course, after you get to DIA, you still have to cover the 60 or so miles to Collins. Be aware of that and let me know if you have any questions.

There is a lot of hotel inventory in Denver, but it is expensive that weekend. The NFL schedule was released this week and the Broncos are home that weekend for the season opener. I assume that could push the prices up more.

Suggest you consider the group of hotels along I-25 in the Loveland area (not ski area) between Junction of US 34 & Windsor. Should be regular price or even “Off-Season”. That is less than a 30 min. drive from the stadium. Don’t think the game will affect anything other than in Ft. Collins itself. Same in Denver. Some of the big downtown hotels are affected by Broncos, but not much else. If you are in Denver, you need to figure 1.5 hr drive and then allow for parking and walking to stadium. Parking I think is an issue.

I have loads of family in Denver, so no hotel.

we’re making it a two-fer, since my oldest is a junior in hs, we’ll tour CU, CSU and DU while there.

CO in September, ahhh. I’m really making a sacrifice taking my son up there lol


Jim, or anyone else – I see that Frontier flies from Birmingham to Denver for a reasonable price. Who has flown on Frontier? Do they have assigned seating, or are they first come, first served? Do you pay a premium to reserve seats? How is their boarding performed? Would it be worth the price to buy a Frontier membership to save fares some?

I should let my wife answer about Frontier. I don’t fly them, but she does all over at little cost. First, they have fees for everything, so plan according. You can pay to reserve a seat or let them do it for you the day or so. They do have some sort of fair club. Don’t know too much about how it works, but if you are planning on coming, you might want to look into it. Their carry on policiy is very restrictive.

As I do most of my flying is business on United, but for a specific hop, Frontier can be OK. Just know the rules and plan accordingly. If you want to get more details, let me know and my wife can fill you in completely.

Bording is similar to other airlines in that frequent fliers and higher fair go first. You will not be group 1 for $15!

Be sure to check Frontier’s schedule. I don’t think they fly between BHM and DEN every day.

I live in NWA, flights are expensive out of XNA, considering driving to OKC where my daughter lives and flying from there. I’m not opposed to driving to the Rock if I can get better rates.

Links would be appreciated Colorado Hog

I heard today of $183 or such from Tulsa. Link would be in google, Frontier Airlines. don’t have exact, but it will pop up. Be sure you are on the Real Frontier website. For super deal, check out their club. Not sure what its called, but it is someplace on their web site.

Also check Normally more expensive, but sometimes can fool you out of OKC, LIT, or TUL.

SW is big in DEN. They are always worth checking.