Great example of patriotism in sports

19 year old striker Kylian Mbappe, who was the hero in France’s 4-3 victory in the World Cup round of 16 over Lionel Messi and Argentina, donates his entire match fee for all international matches to charities. He says “when I play for France, it is a privilege and the country does not need to pay me to serve”. We are talking a lot of Euros here.

BTW, this kid has the length, speed and physique of a NFL WR. He may be the fastest player at the WC.

5’ 8 " NFL wide receiver?

I was thinking about Paul Pogba’s height, who stands at 6-3. You are right that Mbappe does not have the length of a NFL WR, even though he is taller than 5-8. He is listed at 5-10.