Great defense in the 1st half

Yes the best I’ve seen as move all year long if we can just guard number 25 they are going to be struggling. Offensively we just have to move the ball and hit the shots when they’re available we can win this game especially if we can stay out of foul trouble

I agree I hope Gafford can get going

Yes sir great D, let’s see who makes the best halftime adjustments. Gafford should be fresh and give us the advantage down the stretch one would think. WPS

Moretti reminds of Dusty Hannah. Hope he doesn’t play like that in the next half.

Embry Simpson is a lazy defender, everyone picked it up otherwise. Awful offensive attack by both teams. I will predict we don’t win with 2 and 22 paired on the floor… Gafford is rested but can he get back to the speed of the game??

Oh well so much for that we come out in a zone and lose all our intensity and they haven’t missed a freaking shot the whole half down by 10 against this team like being down by 25 with our offense.