Great day for SEC officiating

There's the latest in the escapades of Marc Curles, incompetent in stripes, as discussed last night (the ref signaling to stop the clock, and two Tigers wearing #4 at the same time).

Then there were the hijinks of the SEC crew calling Auburn-Penn State, as detailed here:

Why does the best conference have the worst zebras? Inquiring minds want to know. And when is Sankey going to fix it?


I watched the game. It was really bad.

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For the Curles crew they are repeat offends of major incompetence in games! This is an embarrassment to the SEC and it shows complete incompetence of the the head of officiating at the SEC office to allow this to continue. Mr Greg Stinkey needs to take the lead and take some responsibility for this and take some action to fix it.


Franklin was asked about the officiating in his halftime interview. He just stared at the sideline reporter. It was horrible.

And Curles. Why is he still on the field?


All I can guess is Curles must have some J Edgar Hoover like information on someone or several someones in the SEC to be keeping his job. Year in and year out his incompetence keeps showing up in a big way and giving the SEC refs a bad name. Just can not fathom why he still has a job.

As much money as this conference brings in and as high profile as we are in the P5 pecking order and all our claims about “it justs means more”, well… how can we continually field performances like Curles. Simply amazing we cannot get this fixed.


And like Curles, I suspect that Perry Costello has something on the CWS officials. Otherwise why on earth do they invite him back year after year after year after year after year …


“…what appeared to be an obvious intentional grounding penalty on Auburn quarterback Bo Nix.”

Same characters continue to be in the news - similar out comes - and nothing can is ever done

It’s a clown show

It doesn’t give you confidence unless your a legacy School


MSU is a legacy school and Curles screwed them too. His incompetence is impartial, and all-encompassing.


The Memphis-MS State had the long punt return that was a gaffe mainly on the MSU coverage team, but also the referee who tried to screw it up.

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Marc Curles indeed is an equal opportunity mistake waiting to happen

Other crews not so much

Maybe I should change that from legacy but fan base size

MSU maybe legacy just like Vandy but neither is protected like Auburn and Bama

Coach Franklin’s observation is interesting

“they all agreed - the review agreed - they all agreed … but it was wrong”

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Marc Curles is a Ga Tech grad. Wonder if he’s officiated any Georgia-Ga Tech games? Or any Georgia games?


A week from Saturday he will be calling the Georgia game… just a guess.


I think Mr Curles like the SEC Short clip is simply in love with the limelight - I think that because he embraces the attention

I’m wondering why Pirate Leach didn’t challenge that punt return, by the way.

I wonder how someone like him fathered such a bright girl.

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