"Great Danes" block on screen pass

He absolutely demolished a corner back on the screen pass in front of the ole miss bench. Don’t remember if was 2nd qt or first drive of 3rd. It was great to ser the offensive line clearing the way on a couple of those screens

That was amazing. In fairness, the D-back was trying to stop and looked to slip.
Then Hjalte demolished him.

At least as impressive was Hjalte FLYING across the field and destroying the kid that intercepted CK. I mean…he laid him out. The very next play we got the scoop and score.

I know this is going to blow some people’s mind, but I believe what he did on that interception is called “straining.” He strained to the last moment and it paid off with the scoop and score on the next play.

Good call on the “straining “ WPS

Ragnow liked it.


Loved those two plays and the effort involved. However, it looks to me like he has been a (rather rare) bright spot on the offensive line for most of the plays of the year. When one considers that it is only his second year playing offensive line, somebody has to have some expertise at developing an offensive lineman. It is a mystery to me why several others have not been developed as well.

The Great Dane has figured it out. He is playing with some grit. I like it and expect him to be an all conference type player next year.