Great covid news


This is great news. There will be so much more information to steer us coming in the next year in regards to Covid…hopefully positive information like this. Our medical researchers will study this virus for years.

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man, do I love reading that. thank you for sharing!

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My doc told me that we likely will have much better luck with regular flu this winter because of the precautions taken because of Covid. That’s his prediction.

Still, he said we should all get a flu shot. It’s important, he said. His wife refuses flu shots. He is so sure it is the right thing this winter that if she won’t come to his clinic for a shot, he will give her a shot In her sleep.

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I have been getting the flu shot as long as I can remember! The positive news from medical experts gives us all hope.

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Totally agree with your doc Clay. But I have bad news…I saw my first confirmed cases of the flu yesterday here in West Monroe, type B. Ugh…

Never will ever get a flu shot. Never had the flu. No problem with anyone getting the flu but I don’t trust doctors anymore.

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Got mine a month ago. Didn’t want to risk a surge (based on the Covid frenzy) to have them run out before I got mine. This is no year for someone - especially in my age group - to not get a flu shot.

I’ve gotten a flu shot for about 5 years straight now. Never got one before that, but it seems prudent to do.

Man, I hate to hear you say that. Care to elaborate?

Not the place but I have zero problem if you all want to get shots. Have at it.

My wife took her first Flu shot since we’ve been married this year (40 years). One could argue that she did it because she votes “Democrat”, but I think she’s realistic; she recognizes that 2020 could be the most important year in America during her 60+ years.

I took mine as regular, but then I’ve always worked for a Fortune 500 company, where they obsess about the Flu shots.

I got my flu shot and the pneumococcal shot on September 21. I see no point in gambling. But then I’m (almost) older than dirt.

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My employers always require a flu shot but I would get one anyway. Particularly this year. I’ve been on the road too much this fall but finally got the shot Tuesday.

I never got a flu shot until the last 7 years. So far as I know, I’ve never had the flu, unless it was extremely mild, like a cold. No fever ever in my adult life (50+ years). However, 7+ years ago, when my Dad died, I came back home to take care of my now 95 year old mother, who is not self-sufficient. I decided, in case I did have occasional mild flu, I might be contagious and my Mother probably would not survive the flu.

I’m now 78 years old, so I guess I must have a great immune system? I’ve been wondering lately about something that happened to me when I was 19. I was in Ft Leonardwood, MO in Jan., 1962 in Army basic training.

I was scheduled for overnight bivouac this particular morning. I had woke up with chills, was groggy, felt terrible, but nearly did not go to the infirmary because I thought they might think I was just faking it to get out of bivouac in below freezing temps.

I went to the infirmary and had 104 fever when I arrived at the infirmary. About an hour or 2 later, when the Dr finally saw me, he took my temp again, and said it was 105. He immediately made me take a 30 minute cold shower (remember, 20 degrees outside). I thought I was going to die in the shower. The next day, when, by the way, I felt fine, but was diagnosed with double pneumonia, the Dr told me I would not have survived the day if I’d gone on bivouac.

Anyway, I’ve recently begun to wonder if, somehow that near death encounter, did something to boost my immune system? I’ve virtually never been really sick since then.

Marty…me and the wife both got flu and pneumococcal shots too. And we added the new shingles shots.

I’m older than dirt. The wife is younger. Married her in 71 when she was 17. It was very legal in Pine Bluff…

Doc told me and wife to get the extra strength flu shot because we were over 65. We did

My wife and I also got the 4x flu shot too.

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