Great Chad Morris Video

I can already tell he is much different than CBB,he isn’t worried about being Cool in interviews and from i see he is into practice big time not just walking around looking like CBB was…this guy is going to get it done! like a breath of fresh Air!

I love it. Who knows what he can accomplish, but I like the start.

I hope it doesn’t seem like I am picking on you and I know you didn’t get to many if any of their practices, but Coach B was not a simple walk around guy at all.

Dude didn’t get enough done to keep his job in the end, but there’s is no reason to kick the man on his way out when that’s just not an accurate assessment.

In some situations, he had quips - as we can see Coach Morris already does. Not sure there has been a coach in 37 years I have been up here that has not had quips.

I have not been to any practices but from what we were allowed to see all i saw him doing was walking around with a pad in his hand and was not involved into practice like CCM is in this video.I loved CBB and wished he would have done better and didn’t mean as a knock on hi but based on what I saw it was the truth,I think Morris brings a different energy to the team and I think its refreshing to be honest…I am used to you saying something on my posts Dudley I can’t remember the last time you said yeah Billy I agree with that!!! but its all good,why we have a message board.

I like the hoodie look, don’t know if that’s a quip or not. I just wanted to use the word quip.

Sorry Gas . . . not so much . . .

I think most coaches, sans Nick Saban, are capable of the quip. And even Saban can, but you’ve got to go through several rants to find it.

The scouting report on Chad is that he is HIGH energy at practice. He will bring enthusiasm and a quick pace to all he does. Just his nature. You can see this in that brief video. It was a positive look and I enjoy it.

So far, the transition from BB to Morris reminds me very much of the transition from Ford to Nutt.

All I can say is - let spring ball begin.
Great video of CM, but I said the same about BB.
Put the pads on and lets see.

I feel the same way Clay based on what I’ve seen he is much more involved in the practice than I saw Bielema but since I have never seen but what is shown I don’t know for sure but it appears he will be a fiery coach who will except nothing less than 110% effort which is what it will take to get us back on top.

Not sure about demeanor at practice, but the energy level difference between CM and BB is dramatic and hopefully that translates to the team. Football demands high octane energy to be successful in the SEC. Will that translate to more wins, time is the arbitrator of truth.