Great camera work

Accidentally. I’m watching Packers-Vikings on CBS. Vikes blocked a punt but only got a field goal on the series (first and goal at the 1). For the ensuing kickoff, CBS went with the Skycam behind the kicker. As the return began, they stuck with the Skycam and you saw a huge hole open right up the middle. Keisean Nixon hit the hole, made the kicker miss and took it 105 yards to the house.

Later in the first quarter the Packers got a pick-six. It’s the first time they’ve had a KOR to the house and a pick six in the same game since Super Bowl II. That’s two, not eleven.

Green Bay

50 something FG to close the half and hits the goal post and bingo it goes in! Unlike ours…


That was indeed great camera work.

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You can see #83 for the Vikings take himself out of the hole, #47 got blocked and it’s see you later.

Have been reading with interest about the offensive line struggles in short yardage situations. Saw some high shots last night on the Steelers/Ravens game and thought that it would be worthwhile to some of the 5 blocking 8 scenarios talked about here and what could be done different.

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