Great Call by Chuck at the end

That’s a fantastic call by Chuck Barrett at the end of the game. I really enjoy listening to him. I don’t always because the delay between radio and tv; thanks for putting it up there.

And for those of you who didn’t see the article: here it is

I nearly always listen to Chuck and Keith even with the delay. I can sync some games, but I didn’t do that last night so I knew when something good had happened before it was shown.

I can’t make myself do that. Probably ought to give it a try. I always prefer our PxP to the TV’s, but hate the delays. Of course, I sometimes like hearing what the neutral guys have to say–especially when we’re winning. I’m not too crazy about hearing praises of players like Kenny Hill & I couldn’t stand listening to them when “johnny football” was QB’ing for TAMU

Yes great call by Chuck, but Keith got TD in there 2 times before Chuck could paint the picture for us…
Great win, just huge!

Chills. I can’t help but get chills listening to calls like this. Man, I love the Razorbacks.

I kinda prefer knowing the ultimate result before I get too much of the picture. One criticism I always had of Paul was he’d often paint for several seconds before we’d know if we got the 1st down or completed the pass. As much as I liked Paul, his enthusiasm, & listening to his calls, I think Chuck is the better PxP announcer. And I really like Keith’s insight as the color analyst. He understands what’s going on better than most & points it out well.