Great Bowl Games

Just watched the short review of the 1965 Cotton Bowl on Hogs+ and Chuck Barrett was talking about Coach Broyles and called him “Frank of the Ozarks” causing me to scramble into my archives. And I was able to find one of my very favorite George Fisher cartoons that was in the Gazette (back when it was still a true newspaper). Not sure when it was published, perhaps at his retirement from coaching in late 1976

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Well, this is an asparagus recipe. Not opposed to that, mind you. Heck, I might give it a whirl.

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Ya for some reason it selected the wrong file and then I got the right one and says its too large :grimacing:

Oh yes. Fisher cartoons and Snookie. No one better. that a lone was a reason to get the paper.

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1975 was the first year that I really remember Razorback sports. I don’t remember watching games that year much, but I do remember the coverage of the team in the newspaper and the leadup to the Aggie game and making it to the Cotton Bowl. The Hogs had not been since the 60s, so it was a big deal.

I do have faint memories of watching at least a little bit of the Cotton Bowl win against Georgia.

I don’t remember ever seeing this particular cartoon, though.

That’s the one, thanks Matt!

I have memories before that, but that was the first year I really got into Hog football. I went to some games before, but didn’t necessarily keep up with the games I didn’t go to.

1975 was the first year I “lived and died” by the outcome of games.

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