Great baseball program

But this is not a good look on twitter. Just my opinion.


Why not? It’s a beautiful ring, and making the CWS ain’t easy.

Oh, I don’t know. It’s there for recruiting, and reminds recruits (and their parents) that we were one of eight teams in Omaha. Which leaves 293 teams that weren’t.

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That is all true! I do not mean any harm. I know it is very difficult to get to Omaha and the DVH is among the best, but it looks like a participation trophy your bragging about when other teams in your own conference are winning national championships. Just taking my cardinal colored glasses off for a minute.

Once you get to Omaha, it’s a crapshoot. OM and Mobilehoma were probably the two least likely teams in the Omaha field, but they’re the ones who were standing at the end. As we found out in 2018, the best team doesn’t always win. Sometimes doesn’t ever win.

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I agree. I was there in 2018 and it was an awful feeling.

So was I for game 2. I had to be back in Fort Smith for work the next night. I just left the ballpark and drove straight through, seven hours home. No way I was going to get any sleep after that, and I pretty much knew what was going to happen in game 3.

I wish that I had done that. Instead, I sat in a section with a bunch of local people who were not really paying attention to the game. It was miserable in the stands and on the field.

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Agreed. Participation trophy.

Thank you for confirming that my opinion is correct.


Should they take down the College World Series appearances on the outfield wall?

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Of course not. Don’t mind hanging banners for final four appearances either. But rings should be for championships. Regular season, conference tourney, or national. JMO.

I like it.

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The first time I met Matt Zimmerman he was wearing his 1990 Final Four ring. Teams have been celebrating bowl wins, Final Fours, College World Series, etc., for years with rings.

Auburn’s baseball social media team recently posted a photo of its CWS ring. This happens everywhere.


I started the post and it was just my opinion on looking from the outside in. I Absolutely would not have a problem with it if it was not being pumped up on social media and it was just for the enjoyment of those to celebrate their accomplishment. Touting “we almost did it at Omaha” on social media seems kind of silly. I chose not to overlook it just because it was my team and meant no harm.

Every team in Omaha won two championships

They won a Regional and a Super Regional and are called champions

I think this is petty to complain about rings for CWS


IMO, making a Final Four is 10 times the accomplishment of winning a silly conference tournament. Now, it would be nice to win a regular season SEC championship, if for no other reason than it will get you a great seed, making it a bit easier to get to the final four.

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They won’t, but I would be fine if conference tournaments went away. I really dislike — in all sports — the idea that the best team one week should represent a conference in the NCAA Tournament. It often creates a poor representation for conferences that don’t get more than one bid.


I wish I could like this a hundred times, Matt. I could not possibly agree more.

That troll doesn’t have clue, Larry. He probably doesn’t think Saturn deserves its rings either.
Teams should absolutely get rings if they go to a Final 4 or CWS.
It is a HUGE accomplishment, and I absolutely guarantee DVH would trade his Hoover hardware for a 2021 CWS ring in a heartbeat.