Great article on our Facilities

. . . from Gridiron Now . . . positive exposure for our program . . . … to-come/1/

That story requires 19 clicks to read in its entirety. :shock:

. . . and your point is . . . ???

Sure, it takes a bit to get through. But on the other hand, there’s a lot to see and the more an good PR piece like that shows, the more impressive it is (to someone who doesn’t know, has never been on campus - apparently, like the writer who posted this).

I think his point was that in no article should you have to go to another page 19 times.

I loved the content. I almost stopped clicking through it because it was so long. They are going to more of this type of a article to keep people longer on the site

I hated all of the many clicks. Especially some there were only a few sentences on some of the pages. I’m on my cell phone and not on wifi, so that was really annoying. :expressionless:

The piece was photo-intensive, which obviously takes up more room, but 19 clicks? I’m on my tablet and it took a really long time to get through. Nice tour though. JL has gotten the facilities right.
Speaking of facilities, went to linked piece by same guy on Iowa’s football facilities. Also 19 clicks. Spoiler alert: ours are much nicer.

In general, I also detest “click bait” sites that take forever to navigate. On the other hand, few articles on Arkansas’ facilities include as many pictures as this one did…and I believe the adage “a picture paints a thousand words” applies here…in this case, I didn’t mind all the clicks at all…

Different strokes, yards yada…

Amen, Wiz. It was a great article. Great publicity. Very favorable and a definite excellent look into the facilities,

I greatly value the content you bring. You have a knack for finding the good stuff and bringing it to us.