Great Article on DMAC's Time at Arkansas

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Those Arkansas backfields featured future Madden cover boy Peyton Hillis and future first-round draft pick Felix Jones. They also had the nation’s best college football player. McFadden’s de facto command of the Arkansas offense became absolute when he lined up at quarterback, posing a triple-threat to hand the ball to Jones, run it himself, or chuck it. His length and upright running style drew comparisons to Eric Dickerson, while his arm inspired joking that he could throw the ball better than his conference rival Tim Tebow.

Put those two true statements together and you have evidence for why the Heisman Trophy should be renamed - most outstanding college football player…on the most outstanding college football team!

Dmac and his teammates ,Jones, Hillis, and Monk, were as explosive a team that we have ever had. Had they had better coaching, they would have won a National Championship. Being a Razorback fan was fun. I hope that we can enjoy football like that again. Hopefully, Chad Morris will bring a Petrino level offfense with a better defense. I really miss good football.

I also want to thank Coach Bielema for the class he has shown since losing his job.I hope that he has great success in whatever he does next. You can tell a lot about someone when things go bad. Bielema is still a positive good man and even though we didn’t win enough, he should be remembered for his positive influences on his teams. WPS.

Exactly what I was thinking but better than anything I could have written!

I so wish DMAC had been drafted by a different organization and maybe his legacy in the NFL would fit his ability. It’s staggering that his NFL career rushing yards is only a few hundred more than what he did at Arkansas… really astonishing.