great article Clay

i believe Noland is the best QB prospect we have brought in maybe ever…no way he’s not 5 * don’t care what anybody says…I have seen Clemson #1 rated Qb signee and there is not one throw Noland can’t make that he can and Noland is a better athlete and he is perfect for this sysytem! hope he starts next yr and we just go with him… technique wise he is ready right now!! watch his feet and how he sets up…perfect! cannon for an arm!! like I said no way in this world he is not a 5*…so glad to have him!!

Agree that the article was great. I especially liked hearing about the excitement of HS coaches and the availability they will have to practices and the program.

CCM is certainly turning heads.

I always love to visit with Rick Jones. Every time we get together it’s about an hour visit.

enthusiasm for Noland is getting me fired-up! Is it September yet?

Absolutely loved that article. We have to refrain, however, from dwelling too long on the hype. Time will tell but I have high hopes for Noland and Morris. Its going to be the fast paced, hurry up, no huddle motion offense I fell in love with that was run by Malzahn here in Arkansas high school football. Actually, Malzahn does not even run his old style of offense anymore at Auburn. I don’t know what it is but I hate it.

I was surprised how high they were on his running ability. I think there was a post on here in the past month in which his running was compared to Brandon Allen. Brandon was solid and could get some yardage but wouldn’t really make anyone miss. Sounds like he’s got better wheels than Brandon.

I like him a lot, too, but whoa. Best ever?

There are very few quarterbacks ready to start as true freshman and even less that are ready that get on campus in June.

Not saying that he can’t compete for a back-up role or even push for a starting role later in the season if those ahead of him don’t step forward, but let’s pump the brakes a little bit.

Please quit being so rational. I enjoy these little escapes from reality when I envision SEC, and NC championships before us, soon!

I think he said best “QB prospect. . . .maybe ever,” which is a huge difference and maybe not altogether inaccurate. I’m real excited about this kid, in addition to John Stephen Jones. I happen to think JSJ will do better at this level having seen him play a bunch, but I realize I’m in the minority. The limited tape of Noland that I’ve seen is very encouraging. Arkansas has not had a lot of elite QB play in the last 25 years. Maybe one of these two, or others up there now, can give it to us.

Freshmen need time to learn. I did not say he would start in September.

Dudley I stand by my statement.he’s as fundamentally sound as any we’ve signed I can think of and his arm is capable of making any throw…Fromm was a true Freshman and had no problem at all…Hurts form Bama had no problem at all,not saying he won’t have some difficulties but he knows this type offense so he’s already got a huge step in the right direction.I think he will a tremendous QB for us…

Didn’t see the words fundamentally sound.

I saw “best QB prospect we have brought in maybe ever.”

That is why I said “woah.”

Let me say, for you fans, I hope you are right.

The two quarterbacks you mentioned obviously had a lot more talent around them.

One (Fromm - who enrolled in Jan. and thus got to go through spring practice) got his chance with an injury and the other went on a long winning streak and was not replaced until the national title game when the team’s most talented quarterback - Tua Tagovailoa (who was only offered when Fromm flipped his commit from Alabama to Georgia in Dec.).

I think he has a chance at a great future, especially if he does go through spring practice in 2019 - although that is far from settled as he will be pitching for the baseball team as well.

I just think it is unfair to expect him to transition from facing a high school defense to a major college one in 30 days or less of practice.

So yes, he may come from the same type offense, but it certainly was not run against the same type defenses.

I tend to agree with Dudley, and it certainly is not a knock against Noland. In fact, it would be a wonderful story for a young man from Arkansas to step up and become a four-year starter in leading the Razorback Revival. However, not coming in for the spring practice will put him behind others who will have a jump on him in the system. The highest level of the best high school football is still a long way from the SEC. I’m rooting for him, but expect he will likely be a backup if not a redshirt at least in 2018.

well to be totally honest I said best QB PROSPECT which IMO he is the prepared QB I have seen us bring in,his footwork is perfect!! and can make any throw you want him too and has a huge arm! 70 yd throw type arm and Like I said he already understands this offesne which shortens the learning curve.I obviously know he is facing different defenses but he has the speed to escape the rush and the arm to fit in tight places which hurts a lot of QBS and combines both of those attributes better than anybody we have,so I say lets go with him and watch him grow!

I’m not opposed to what you are saying. He is a great QB Prospect. It sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he comes in and wins the job right off, though I think it’s not likely (but as crowded as that room is the odds are stacked against everybody).