Great article about this year's team

I think we will eventually ranking the top 10 by a lot of polls but the number 20 ranking may be enough to let them use that as motivation…

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Been desperately needing this… thanks.

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The only thing they may have wrong I believe is Slavens I think is moving to the OF and Wilkerson is headed back to Crowder Jr College,I think I also remember Stovall working at 1B to get that bat in the lineup…we will see pretty soon.

Yes Billy, they missed those. I expect that Stovall will play 1B as you noted. That puts Cayden Wallace at 3B. His play there late in the year was very good.

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There are a lot of players listed there who have left the program — Landrey Wilkerson, Cameron Leach, Reece McWilliams and Zac White. White wasn’t even on fall roster.

I also disagree quite a bit with that projected starting lineup. Based on what I saw toward the end of the fall, this would be my projected lineup:

C Michael Turner
1B Peyton Stovall
2B Robert Moore
3B Cayden Wallace
SS Jalen Battles
LF Jace Bohrofen
CF Braydon Webb
RF Brady Slavens
DH Chris Lanzilli

Slavens and Wallace have the potential to play positions in the infield or outfield, so they could moved around to put the best nine on the field. Stovall had never played first base before the fall, so I’ll be interested to see if that move progresses, or if Slavens moves back there. I think Stovall will get in the lineup somewhere because he can hit.

I’d be surprised if Webb isn’t in center field most games because he is a really good defender. He was hitting a lot better in the fall.


That story also says Cameron Leach is Dylan Leach’s brother. I was told they are not related. Dylan is from Carthage, Texas; Cameron is from Conway.

Never mind

So pretty much what you’re saying is that was about as far from a “great article about this year’s team” as a typist could get. :joy:

Matt, what do you think is the reason Slavens wants to play outfield? With his glove and size, isn’t his best opportunity at the next level first base?

I think Slavens believes his pro potential is in the outfield. He has bounced around in the field. He played outfield at Wichita State, third base at Johnson County and first base in his first year at Arkansas.

I hope he has the speed to make it happen…

Yeah probably should have said it was a a very informative article… they didn’t do all the research to dig as deep as they should have but still there’s a lot of good information there… A lot of people don’t follow baseball really closely I thought it would be good reading material until we get cranked up.

Any baseball news is great to see and read. I trust DVH will put a lineup on the field to win ball games.
The pitching rotation and bullpen is equally as important. I’m excited for baseball to get started. It won’t be long!

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That’s salty.

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