Great 2nd half by Barford

14 points, all in the 2nd half. The last few games, he’s played great in the first half, but not so much in the 2nd half. He’ll be a beast if he ever puts both together in a game. Now that he’s done it in the 2nd half, maybe he’s ready to do it in both the first and second half.

Barford has to make his free throws. The way he takes it to the rack, he’s gonna get fouled and he has to make people pay for that.

I agree. I noticed when he takes his time to shoot it, he makes them. However, when he rushes it not a good chance he makes it. He can be a good free throw shooter, just needs to stay focused. Same thing with Cook.

Barford played 35 minutes tonight (most on the team), by far his most minutes this year. Clearly, he was gassed during those last couple of minutes. He gutted it out though on those late drives. Even though he had little lift, he finished those drives well and made several of them. It’s tough for anyone to groove their free throw motion when their legs are gone. Like you said, he will be fine. If I remember right, I think he shot mid to high 70s in JUCO.

Barford’s ability to drive the basket is an asset, especially at the end of the game, one that is tight and you need a bucket. His inconsistency in making free throws at that time, could prove to be costly. Hope he can recognize it and improve on it.