Greaseball and the NBA draft

This idiot thinks he is above reproach. Warning NBA teams not to pass on Knox in the draft! He is a joke! About as much of a joke as the NCAA enforcement folks!

Sounds like some CYA on greaseballs part. Knox may not be high on some draft boards so greaseball is advertising for him to save his selling pitch of putting kids in the league quickly.

I remember when Cal had to call in favors to get Skal Labissiere drafted in the first round. Kid was the #2 rated prospect in the nation his senior year and #2 on most draft boards going into his freshman year and he had a horrible freshman season and his stock dropped tremendously and Cal was throwing him under the bus all season long, then came draft time and he’s all over ESPN telling teams they’d regret not taking him. Cal will do whatever he has to do to keep the persona that you’re better off going to Kentucky than any other school if you want to go to the NBA. If that means him being all over ESPN the week of the draft, calling in favors, and sending threats that teams will regret not drafting his kids he’ll do it, he’s exactly what’s wrong with college basketball.

Cal buys and sells his players well…