Grass Install In RRS?

Anyone know when this begins?

I’m already trying to think of next season, like most of us.

You would not do it in dead of winter. That’s what is around the corner.

I used to work for a grass farm off and on, especially during the summers between years of undergrad.

It’s possible to do it in the winter. I’ve laid it while it was snowing before believe it or not, and it stuck just fine. It was a miserable experience though, those grass bales get as hard as a rock when they are cold.

It’s best to do it when it’s not the winter though, as you would think. But it’s possible to do it now.

Whoever maintains the magnificent field at Baum should get the job of making our football field grow and mature. I don’t believe I have ever seen a grass field that perfect.

I guess the big question would be do they install it before spring practice? I would guess not, since they have to tear out the old turf field and perhaps fiddle with the drainage system underneath before laying out the sod. If any one knows, I’m curious to know how long the work is anticipated to last and how long the new grass needs to be ready for the first scrimmage of fall practice.

Same people who would be in charge of RRS. Pat Berger is our director of sports turf, has been for quite a few years.