Grant Morgan Team Captain (Twitterisms)

If you a linebacker, you always want to be “the hit.” Or something like that.

I tinkered around and had some fun for this Capt. Morgan image.

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That’s great Votan. Can’t wait to see your Jonathan Marshall!

Unfortunately Jimbeau77, I was just inspired by the Capt Morgan alcohol commercials for the idea. If Grants’ last name had not been Morgan, I’d have never thought of this. So as far as the others go, at this time, I got no ideas.

If you got any ideas for the other, I’m all ears.

Only thing that pops to mind is some play on Justice Thurgood Marshall and the law.


Well done

Marshall Dillon

That is super good!

I thought Marshall Dillon, too. Miss Kitty will have her cheerleader outfit.

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