Grant Morgan retains winner mentality

Here is a good read on Morgan’s leadership from Tom Murphy.


His play last year was simply amazing. He had a brace on his elbow and played one-armed for several games, and it did not slow him down. I have never seen anything like what he did. He plays with an incredible intensity, plus the guy is really good. He went from a reserve to an All-American. He was the heart and soul of our defense.

He is the kind of guy I would like as my doctor.

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He’s a Great leader,we need him,Burks, Stromberg,Catalon types to set the tone for everything we do.

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Couldn’t agree more with the previous post about Morgan. The players listed by youdaman are all likely NFL bound and they have led for years by example. I am getting more optimistic for a major break-out year for our Hogs. Unforeseen negative events are all that stands between us and a seven win regular season.

Grant is a lot like his brother. Comes to UofA with a chip on his shoulder and “works” his way up the ladder. Tough but very smart kids.

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