Grant Morgan is SEC co-DPOW

Along with South Carolina DB who had two picks and four PBUs. Nice game there too.

Hudson Clark was freshman of the week.

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Coaching,coaching, coaching, these guys were starving for coaching, they are being fed proper techniques and praise like never before and we see them flourishing while playing “Team ball” like good programs with winning ways. WPS

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Way to go men. 2 outstanding walkons.

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Grant played a whale of a game, with a very hurt left arm and his peer out for the game. Huge “must game” for him to deliver an A+ performance - and he did it. Congrats.

If he didn’t get this, then we would know for certain about the SEC Front Office. Tremendous performance with one arm. He is what it means to be a Razorback!!

I like HY comment about Hudson Clark not getting it as well. Three ints, great coverage all day, tackles, etc against one of the best QBs in the SEC.

Morgan is tougher than a nickel steak, and it looks like he is just one of many dogs on this D. Go Hogs!

Grant and the SC DB were both nominated for the Bronco Nagurski Award POW National Award.

Grant got it. I’m on that committee. I don’t think it was close vote. Grant joins Bumper Pool as weekly National POW winners this year.

Well deserved by both!!

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