Grant Koch drawing comparisons to James McCann … its-scary/

Dave Van Horn has some good insights in that piece. Koch not only has the chance to be the Razorbacks’ best two-way catcher since McCann, but also has a lot of the leadership qualities that made him so well liked by his teammates.

I talked to James McCann about Grant last week. James said he was going to visit with Grant to encourage him to be vocal. People listen to Koch. He’s probably not as vocal as James was at the same age, but when they listen to you, you need to step up with the vocal leadership.

Grant has a very good bat. He’s gotten better and better behind the plate and he’s catching up to his bat. That’s going to be a great thing to watch.

I’ve always thought catcher was the key position on the team as far as the every day positions. When you are good there, the team usually flourishes. So many teams have a weak bat for a catcher and that produces holes in the batting order. Not with Koch. It makes a difference.

One notable difference between Koch and McCann is that McCann was a full-time starter by the end of his freshman season. He replaced Ryan Cisterna about midway through the conference season during the 2009 run to Omaha. That probably contributed to him being more vocal at a similar age.