Grant Hall

He just said Marshall turn us down on his radio show. He said contract was on the low end with a lot of incentives. If I heard right we didn’t want the base salary higher than Morris’ contract. If someone else heard this correct me if I am wrong

If it’s true, low-balling a coach like Gregg Marshall doesn’t reflect well on the school at all.

If true It debunks the entire waiting on Beard theory.

If if if…

Jesus. If we lowballed Marshall then we are gonna lowball Beard.

I think at this point you have to consider everything said on Sports Talk Radio about the coach hire as BALONEY. :sunglasses:

I sure HOPE you are right …

Marshall was making 3.5 which is the same amount that Morris makes. If Ark knew they were not going to exceed Morris’ salary then they should never offered Marshall. No quality coach is going to take a pay cut to make a move. Makes me wonder if this is true. If true makes me think Ark just made a stupid move unless they think getting turned down is good for publicity.

No we’re not.

He also said that there are some that don’t want us to be another Kansas. They can’t see paying the BB coach more than the FB coach. Why not?

FB is a much more expensive sport to run. BB is still a high-revenue sport. If the market requires paying more for the right BB coach; pay it, if it’s a guy that can fill BWA and return the BB program to a top-10 program. There’s been talk of taking seats out of BWA and putting in more boxes. If the right coach is hired, there won’t be a need to take out seats. Money will be saved on BWA renovation.

We can realistically be recognized as a top-10 BB program again with the right coach. The right hire could get us there in 3-5 years. Football being a top-10 program is not a reality; maybe, a top-10 season now and then… maybe, a magical season some day… maybe, finish in the top-half of the SEC year-in-year-out, but not a top-10 program.

Not questioning thats what you heard but that makes absolutely no sense. Why would you even offer a low ball like that knowing what he makes already?

Yeah. Don’t want to pay a hoops coach more than a football coach who won how many SEC games?

This may be the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard about our AD/BOT/PTB if this is for real. How old are the people in this grouping (not counting the AD)? Geez, “OK HY, go out and get us the best basketball coach you can but don’t you dare offer more than our 2-10 football coach makes.”

Surely, this is just way too absurd to be true!

I’m pretty much convinced that they’re holding the line on what they’re willing to pay the new BB coach because they know that down the line they’ll have to pay the FB coach more. FB is much higher on the list because of the revenue it generates even in a 2-10 season. Stands to reason that a coach with notable success in FB would make more than the BB coach.

Are you speaking about our CURRENT football coach? What notable success?

Totally believe that. It’s the reason Nolan Richardson said pay me my money and I’m gone. Some things change painfully slow, especially in Arkansas. It’s unfortunate. We are better positioned to be a basketball school than a football school. But folks would rather be a football schoo than a basketball schooll even if it means being mediocre in both.

Not talking about Morris at all. Just saying that whomever the FB coach is, if they come in, turn that program into a 8-9 game winner on a regular basis, they’re going to either get paid more than the basketball coach or they’ll go somewhere that will.

The FB program is in terrible shape. Turning it around will take time and cost $$$.

Y’all believe Grant Hall? Dude is more interested in talking about golf than Razorback sports. And he does not have any more sources than anyone over at Hogville…

^^The truth^^. We were a basketball school when we moved to the SEC. Most of our fans probably don’t want to hear or believe that.