Grant Gunnell

On the hill this weekend, right? Take a good look guys, get an autograph because he’s gonna be the next Tom Brady type. Great person, too, apparently. Huge size, even bigger talent. They don’t make many like Grant and Tom. I like the Hogs’ chances with Grant.

Slated to be in town at 3.

Interesting you say that you like the Hogs’ chances with him. It seems most think he is going to be an Aggie. There’s a WR he wants to play with in college that the Aggies have offered and they have talked about committing and playing together.

That would be fine with me; I think Connor Noland is gonna be the second-coming of Aaron Rodgers. Not bad, I say. Hogs win either way.

Aggies think they get anyone they offer, he’s bringing several guys with him.