Grant Gunnell?

I know he is a 19 and currently committed to Ags but where do you think Morris and the new staff stand with him?

Good shape

Great shape

Thanks guys. Sure hope we get him

I have a question about the type of QB Morris favors. I have been assuming he prefers a dual threat QB, or at least one who can do some running?

In GG’s comments earlier, he says he is a pro style QB and was upset with Jimbo talking to dual threat QB’s as that doesn’t fit his offense. But he likes Morris’ offense.

So, what type QB is Morris after, and what type of QB is GG?

If you watch GG highlights he has functional mobility, but isn’t a Michael Vick type guy. Same with Connor Noland who is also listed as pro-style is the same way. Mobile but not a duel threat.

As for what Morris prefers. He has gone on the recoed MANY times now as saying he can work with either a pro style or a duel threat.

Not to be captain obvious or to seem like a smart butt, but I think the important thing is to just have a talented QB. I think a dual threat or a pro style QB can work. Once CCM has a talented QB, he can build his offense around the QB. If they are a dual threat, insert RPO and read option. If the QB is a pro style QB, there will be more drop back passing game with a gunslinger mentality. The QB won’t be as big of a running threat, so you offset that by running more HB draws, zone runs out of the shotgun, and screens out of the backfield to the RB to keep the defense honest. I think it does add another element when you have a mobile QB in the spread, but I have seen both types of QBs have great success running an offense. It was fun watching a pro style qb, Drew Brees, drop back and pick apart a defense over and over again yesterday.