Grant Gunnell playing QB for Arizona

Am I remembering that he was committed to us at one point? I know his name was mentioned frequently. Playing for Kevin Sumlin in Catland.

His … grandfather? … was a UA player or at least a vocal alum. I think he was at least interested in UA. Dan Enos was not exactly a dynamo on the recruiting trail, so I don’t know that we would have landed him if CBB had found a path to stay at UA.

Morris and Gunnell were oil/water to one another, IIRC, and the recruitment was over.

Was not committed, but lot of people thought Arkansas had a great shot at him.

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I saw Enos at the Catfish Hole on a recruiting night. He was pretty low keyed and quiet. Michael Smith was a dynamo with the parents, kids and everyone he saw. Much impressed with his big personality.


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