Grant Gunnell commits to Aggies

The 2019 QB was a major target of Arkansas. Early on I felt the Hogs had a good chance, but about a couple months ago I started thinking otherwise.

He was the grandson of the Razorback, right?

This is a big loss.

Correct. Jim Price is his grandfather.

The kid lives in Houston so that’s prime Aggie territory. That’s a hard pull. Plus his brother has walked on there too.

That’s why I asked about the timing of the offer to the kid in Colorado who is also in the class of '19. Seemed like maybe they suspected GG wasn’t coming at that point…who knows??

Yeah, grant just doesn’t feel like battling Connor Noland for playing time. Hogs well endowed at QB.

Is he committing to A&M or Sumlin?

I would probably say a little of both. Being from Houston he probably knows a lot of guys on the team. His teammate Chase Lane also committed.

Committed to aTm for now and will probably sign, but aTm has a history of QB transfers after the fact.

The writing has been on the wall on this one for the last few months.

Can’t blame the kid. His brother is there as well as a much less talented QB room.

It is likely that if we land Gerry Bohanon in this class as well that as talented as he is, playing time would never come.
(For Gunnel)
Pecking order after Allen is full of young studs.

Kelley, Hyatt, Noland, (hopefully Gerry)

I left Story out who is also talented for a reason. I think he becomes victim of the talent as well and likely transfers out. I’ve watched him over the years and his throwing motion alone bothers the mess out of me.

Richard, it’s obvious I didn’t make my point very well or clearly. And that is the lack of longevity for Sumlin as A&M HC. I think he will lose at least 5 games before he gets to their bowl game. Maybe 6, if Arkansas takes care of business.

If his AD is to be believed, Sumlin can’t lose 5 games this season and keep his job.

Of course Gunnell could probably play in any type offense except what Auburn runs.

I totally understood your comment. I suspect Sumlin has to win 10 games to keep his job.

At this point I don’t think it’s a game changer for him and the other kids committed to them. Living in Houston is almost like an Arkansas kid always wanting to be a Hog. A lot of the kids grow up wanting to be Aggies.

Comments: sounds like wishful thinking on your part, I live down here in H-Town and I haven’t heard any leaks / sports news as to Sumlin on the hot sit. Of course if he dropped 6games I guess anything is possible by A&M standards. What I do know A&M is usually first in recruiting followed by TCU, Baylor or Baylor, TCU & UT. If UT is relegated to 4th usually that feat alone is fuel for an AD to give his coach a another chance…

His AD said this: … ring-2017/

I would say 10 games is the cut off point.