Grant Gunnel

Decommits from the Gaggies.

This should be encouraging.

This was expected.

Arkansas will be a factor going forward.

Wow. Very interesting…

Very cool!


Hosted him recently on a visit.

LSU can’t develop QBs and Orgeron is feeling the heat from their fans after a subpar season and disappointing (for LSU) recruiting haul. Their stock is down - ours is trending up.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that we beat out LSU and everyone else for this young man.

Richard…do you think we have about as good a chance as anyone else?

If we do get Gunnel it will be a shot to the electronics for LSU fans. reported his decommit today and noted he was an LSU target, and mentioned a host of national powers who are recruiting him, but did not mention Arkansas.

One thing is for sure. Elite receivers tend to migrate to teams that have QB’s that spin it like young Mr. Gunnell. :slight_smile: Except for LSU of course–it is amazing to me the receivers they have had over the years with such mediocre QB’s.

I am really hoping his legacy connection to Arkansas puts us over the edge; it appears this young man is a game-changer.

Yes. The Arkansas offense is much like what he runs in HS.

I see that Grant is visiting LSU again this coming weekend. Is it fair to say LSU is the new leader in the clubhouse?

I think it is fair to say that there is far more talent at
QB at Arkansas now and will be even more so come August
when compared to what is at LSU.

Maybe until they pull the cord ok the Ogeron experiment. Which is coming.

I think I read he is going to be in the BR area for a 7 on 7 tourney so he is going to stop by LSU again while there. Not sure that would necessarily make them the leader at this time but I could certainly see someone thinking that since he just visited a while back. It had me thinking it a bit.

I will say, as a QB that play’s in a system very very similar to what CCM runs, then that would be an advantage for us. Besides, when was the last time LSU developed a solid QB, that wasn’t a transfer?!?!

Let us not forget, the big time ties Grant has with his family to the U of A and that should help us a bunch when trying to get his commitment and ultimately his signature! We get him and as RD said, there are a LOT of elite players (especially at WR) that will take notice. I believe one of his teammates that is a WR is currently committed to the Aggies and who knows, he could follow him. We now have just as good a shot as anyone and I love our new coaching staff and how they recruit. Should be very interesting for sure!

I don’t think that would be fair.

In fact, I might come close to taking Arkansas against the field at this point.

Me, too, DD.

Does all the numbers at QB worry you guys? We currently have 5 potential starters, some very young. How much of a role of playing time factor into his decision?

But do we have a starter? We have a lot of guys on schollies at LB and yet most think we are thin there. At QB I can think of multiple reasons why I would like to see each of them excel and be the starter. Now I am just praying one of them will.
I can’t wait for Spring ball to start seeing how this shakes out. I always hate to see a coach go, but always enjoy this part of the new coach process.

You recruit a QB every year so in theory a team should always have potentially 4-5 starters. That is how it works at every position for every team. All Power Five teams, unless they experience injury or transfer will have a a position that all recruits will have to earn playing time.