So you think he’s going to ever start for us?

I’ll take that bet.

Especially f Bohanon signs on.

When is the last time the razorbacks started a qb that was his size?
I can’t remember.

Tell you like this everyone is not meant to start, if the kid comes in and plays special teams I’m fine with it…

When’s the last time you saw a qb play special teams?

Taysom Hill–last week for the NY Jets.

I’m with Billygoat77 on this one, anything other than a walk-on spot is a waste. He’s ranked the 2,867th (2-star) prospect in the nation. At a spot that only has room for person to play. If he wasn’t Jerry’s grandson we wouldn’t even be talking about him right now. There’s no 5’10 175 pound QB’s in the SEC. I have no doubt he’s a good high school football player looking at his stats, but so are thousands of other kids and not all of them are SEC level players either. … s-46039810

Are you talking to me? Why would he pull his money? Do you all read the articles? He was offered a blue shirt. It’s in the article.

They aren’t going to pull anything they’ve agreed to do but I seriously doubt this is ever going to affect our scholarship numbers in the least bit.

The kid is going to be given a chance if he comes here and they are certainly not going to do anything to make Jerry mad.

I just think it’s dumb to gripe about it because it will never “burn” or “waste” a scholarship.

Taysom Hill plays for the Saints

Pretty good short QB’s … Drew Brees, Kellen Moore, Doug Flutie

what are you talking about it… Your all off topic

No he didnt… he plays for the saints.

3 the NFL would be the only place you see it considering they have a 53 man roster and only dress some 47 or so.

I watched him play last week. Made a play on special teams. Answers your question regardless of whether it was Jets or Saints or whether they’re the only team that dresses 3.

In fact, he likely dresses because of that very reason–versatility.

No “Your”.

What are you talking about? Who was the question to about JJ pulling his money? I responded to that question.

Did he have a offer to SMU while CM was there ? WPS


This is being overthought.

It makes the kid feel good.

But he is not going to take a scholarship away from someone else they need.

If he chooses to be, he’ll be part of the team. Part of the 125.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Again, just don’t overthink this for more than what it is

Read between the lines and leave it alone. Pm me if you don’t understand.

Thank you Dudley. :shock: