How good a player is Jerry Jones grandson?

Just got an offer, one would hope it’s a preferred walk on. Seeing that he’s a qb it wouldn’t be smart to try and get 3 scholarship QBs in one class, to me atleast.

You obviously want the jones family tradition to run on and I’m glad he’s a hog, but I think there are other kids who need the scholarship.

It’s an opportunity to blueshirt and have a real offer down the line.

I don’t think money is an issue here.

He is a very good high school football quarterback. About 5-10, 180 so he’s undersized.

Does have an offer from Texas Tech as well as some from smaller schools

Can he play receiver?

Honestly the chances of him ever taking a snap at qb are pretty small.

He’s pretty good. He learned a lot from romo.

what a waste of a scholarship guess the rumors where true

You got up on the wrong side of the bed this week.

Saw him play against Bumper Pool and Lovejoy earlier in the year. I was very impressed. Good arm strength, very accurate, outstanding pocket presences and good speed to make things happen when needed. If he was 6-3 or so he would have numerous offers.

Dude, you can’t be serious… #Youjustdontunderstand

Quarterback at Highland Park. You got to be pretty dang good.

Yes in deed, the kid can slang it around!

I know he’s good, but there’s a reason you don’t see 5’10 175 QBs in the SEC, if he’s not a prospect at WR it’s pretty easy to assume he’d be wasting a scholarship. Plus his grand daddy is a billionaire.

ok ask yourself this, what if we don’t offer him and the jones family pull their money??? Plus the kid can slang it around, he’s not bad at all…

Offer him a preferred walk on spot, that’s what should be done.

Not to mention Jerrybof all people understands football, and business. I don’t think a preferred walk on would be a slap in the face for a kid who only has 2 FBS offers both as blue shirts.

Jim Lindsey’s grandson is a walk on.

I’m going to just stop commenting on this thread with you, because you clearly just don’t understand… But once again, the kid can slang it!!! :mrgreen:

No I understand perfectly, I don’t think you do.

If you want to build a good roster you don’t waste spots that don’t need to be wasted.

People love to complain about the good ole boys and their control over the program.

I like Jerry, but he knows his grandson doesn’t project as an SEC QB, he drafted one a couple of years ago, he knows there are physical limitations.

Blue shirt. Do the math.

:lol: You fine with Jerry pulling his money? if decides to do so? But once again the kid is at one of the top programs in the state and slanging it around, so were not dealing with a push over either

Jerrys not pulling his money.

That’s an assumption that’s a bit ridiculous.

I understand he’s a good highschool qb, so was devion warren, Jarrod Barnes, their size didn’t project them as SEC QBs as well.

If he had potential to play WR I’m all for the blue shirt.

If he does not then he should’ve gotten a walk on spot.

Highland park is a good school but it’s not the SEC, not even close.
I’m glad it’s a blue shirt at the least.

4000 yards and 48 Touchdowns… # Top 10 program in the state of Texas# Hecanslingit