Grandchildren and the Hogs

All of my 7 grands were born in Tennessee. But they were raised on Razorback sports (by me). This weekend I was blessed to watch the Hogs slaughter the Hogs with all 4 of the grandsons. All of them play sports and all wear Hog gear a lot. And all call the Hogs like champs. What a joy.

We attended 2 football games, 2 basketball games and a baseball game that these boys played in this week. My two girls gave me Hog loving kids. And the 3 granddaughters get their share of attention/love. One plays soccer and the other two are ballerinas.

Blessed. Totally blessed.


I’ve got granddaughters out the wazoo LD. All are budding dancers and ballerinas.

I swear if I have to go see one more performance of the Nutcracker, I may build a time machine and go back in time and strangle Tchaikovsky.

They’re all Hog fans though, so I guess I’ll just embrace the suffering.


Lol, I went to 3 performances a week of The Nutcracker for 14 years, when my daughter was 17 and could have had the main roll that year, she decided she had had enough of being a ballerina, lol. I’d sent her to Nashville, Chicago, and NYC for camps, I think I was happier than she was that she moved on.

My wife taught dancing in Pine Bluff and Little Rock for over 20 years. We did the Nutcracker in several recitals. And my youngest granddaughter just made the local ballet company cast for the Nutcracker this year. I’ll be there to see her with bells on.

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