Grand slam on the White River

Lots of trout caught today. Louis Campbell and I both got our share. I got all of the trout species available on the White River.

Rainbow trout

Brook trout

Fine spot cutthroat

Tiger trout

Brown trout

There were plenty caught. No trophy fish but I figure I caught between 60 to 80 trout. Louis had a great day, too.


Looks like a lot of fun!

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What about the Golden?

Being completely ignorant Clay, which is the best eating trout? Mrs. Pavlov makes a mean trout almandine. Don’t know which species she uses. She doesn’t know either.

Great question! We always had the Rainbows

That one does not count. It’s actually a rainbow. It is a hybrid rainbow. I saw some. I feel sorry for them and do not try to catch them. Sort of easy.

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I love the brook trout best. But I don’t eat trout. I love crappie and walleye best. Lots of seafood like grouper and mahi-mahi is good too.

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I don’t suppose there were any stories told. GHG!

Only fish stories

Caught bunch today, including three nice browns. Here is the baby of the bunch.


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