Grand Jury Subpoenas Oklahoma State's Basketball Recruiting Documents

Things are getting more interesting in Stillwater. … g_banner=1

When this is over and we maybe talking several years, we’ll look back and know this was the start of the revamping of the NCAA and college athletics.

It may make things seem more like an equal playing field for a while. But when it come to man and money there will always be someone out there ready and willing to cheat.
If some of these cheaters that are caught go to jail it will have an impact on some decisions people make. Coaches and people in the corporate world.

Big time money for sure. There is a reason Adidas was doing it and it was to try to catch Nike. I would put everything I own in the middle of the table that they prove Nike was up to the same thing and THEN some heads are really going to roll. I hope Calipari is one of them and I hope MM gets hammered as well if he’s guilty.

Wouldn’t you love to just have visibility on everyone that’s hired a lawyer since this went public.

There are 18 and 19 year old kids that have hired lawyers to attempt to regain their eligibility to play!
There are coaches that keep lawyers on a retainer just in case. Especially dirt bags like Cal and Pittino.