Grand Canyon vs. Arkansas regional game 1

BTW, the scheduling of this game goes along with DVH’s philosophy, that is, play early and be rested for the second game whenever it happens.

Definitely wasn’t expecting to see slavens second but hope he runs into one early

I wasn’t expecting to see Webb leading off.

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Well I’m here. But dang, my tickets are in the nosebleed section. Can’t see a thing.



:rofl: :rofl:

Yeah webb and slavens have a lot of power but they also have a lot of strikeouts not exactly what you normally see out of your top two hitters LOL but webb does draw some walks and can run I think that’s the reason he’s leading off

This guy for Grand Canyon has put up big numbers but guys he is pitched against some bad baseball teams most of them are below 500 I’ve looked at his game log.he has had some games where he’s giving up some hits the only really good team he faced is Stanford and they lit him up for 8 runs 8 hits in 4 innings, now we obviously aren’t as talented Stanford on offense but it shows you he can be hit. They said he’s very aggressive has only walked 16 guys all year. There’s no reason for not being ready to swing the bat, make sure the ball’s in the zone and attack the baseball and I think we may can get this guy.


This is how bad things start

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Got the big strike out but you can already see they’re going to put the bat on the ball we just have to hope it’s right at somebody

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Great job Connor. Way to work out of it.

Won’t get to see much of the game. I have an appointment with my eye doctor in an hour to follow up on the detached retina I had in late April. Oh well. We’ll play again tomorrow, at some point.

That is a Gorgeous ballpark though have to admit

Two miscues hurt. Should have been to dugout much sooner.


Yeah no doubt about that

Too much orange for me, Billy.

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Didnt see two strike outs coming from the top of the order

Boom!!! how you take that little 92 mph fastball down the middle of the ballpark

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When you go to the darn plate and take 2 strikes and then make the right turn with a K swing at a pitch up and out of the zone that’s just stupid. I guess they won’t change. Maybe the hogs next season will have a lineup of player that will swing at strike 1 and 2.

The script has not changed. So far.