Grand Canyon State

Apparently, they are pretty good.

They’ve beaten some good teams including 2 of 3 against Ok State.

Play ball! They may be a good ball club but are hogs are suppose to be pretty good too! Lace em up and take the field. I’m hoping the hogs are in the midst of a winning streak. They won the past 2 games and need to keep adding them up!

That 5 game losing streak is going to hurt us when it comes to post season selection/seeding unless we do exceptionally well in the SEC. We can’t afford any more losses against teams we should beat. I know we’ll lose more games–it is baseball, after all–but that streak but us behind where we need to be. Badly need to beat the likes of Grand Canyon.

Also won 1 of 3 against Stanford. There was an 18-inning game in there.

Grand canyon is not going to be an easy series… the left-hander they have thrown on Tuesdays is very good had an era of under 3 last year and again this year.I can imagine he’s probably a soft junk throwing guy that is giving us fits before.I’m not sure if he will throw against us but he has the two Tues game so far this year and has been effective.

I can’t remember if I read this or heard it, but apparently the coach at Grand Canyon is good, very good. He has had opportunities to go elsewhere, but loves his location and just keeps on producing good teams.

The schedule this year is a tough one. The Hogs need to get players healthy and keep on improving.

While Grand Canyon does indeed have some nice wins, I think it is important to note that the Lopes are not 16-0, but 9-7.

Won two of three against Pacific this past weekend, but GC lost 8-0 on Sunday.

Will be interesting to see who they throw against Arkansas as they also have a 3-game series at Baylor this weekend.

Right now, this Arkansas team is not rolling through anyone. Illinois State and South Alabama did not have great records, either.

Grand Canyon will throw RHP Cal Lambert tomorrow. He has allowed eight earned runs in nine innings.

What will be interesting to watch is whether GCU uses any of its weekend starters at the back end if it’s a close game. Illinois State did that last week with the left hander.

Grand Canyon U is not a state school. It started out as a Baptist school then became a for-profit school; it’s the only for-profit school in Division I. It still describes itself as a Christian school but it’s there to make a profit first and foremost.

BTW, still early, but GCU’s RPI is 88. We’re at 77.

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