Grambling State vs. Arkansas

Enjoy your vacation and the visit with your family.

Tough start for Ramage giving up 3 straight singles. The hogs were lucky getting out of that only giving up 1 run.

So we hang up six in the bottom on one hit, which left the park.

As the runs mount… is there a run rule agreement tonight?

I haven’t heard about a run rule but with the way Ramage just walked the. Asked loaded it may be in play if Denton doesn’t induce a few ground balls.

no way you can count on Ramage,he has no control and that will get you killed on the weekend.

There is no run rule, which is I suspect is because they don’t want to short change the NLR fans in their only game of the year.

Yeah I thought that might be the case. I’m at work so only able to follow on the GameDay app

Ramage could end up getting a few more chances to figure it out but those chances may come to an end in the next 2 weeks.
Is it possible DVH could leave him off the postseason roster?

Well Trest had a good start in relief to the first batter from there the next batter had an 0-2 count to walks to load the bases. And his outing is over.

Ramage pitched Saturday against Tennessee and did decently – two innings, two hits, one walk, one run. Last time I checked that was a weekend and he didn’t get killed. But that interferes with your sweeping generalities doesn’t it?

Zero chance.

Did it appear in the 5 th inning Ramage had his pitch count get too high?

All it takes is one good outing to turn things around. Remember Barrett Loseke last year? He struggled for a while - didn’t even pitch in the series at Mississippi State - until the Texas Tech game in late April, then all of a sudden he was the best long reliever in the SEC.

Ramage has shown he can pitch. He’s just going through a funk.

Swine I am extremely positive on this and every Hog board when it’s warranted but you seem to never recognize that I get it it personal but don’t bother me one bit and if you can’t see he’s struggling bigtiome then I can’t help you buddy he pitches the say he did tonight in SEC and he wouldn’t have made it out of the 1st but that that’s reality and that intereferes with your typical nonsense doesn’t it??? Look I hope he gets it together quicky but right now he got about a 90% chance either walking or hitting a batter or gives up a 3run homer…you going to dispute that??

Matt I know he can pitch but what I’m saying is RIGHT NOW you can’t rely on him and that pretty obvious,has given up about 4-5 HRs and can’t throw strikes,helped us at Auburn but that about it.

I was a little surprised he went back for the fifth. He had 76 pitches through four innings. I figured he would be at a 75-80 count tonight to keep him fresher for the weekend.

Yes your right. I just hope Ramage finds his command. He hasn’t extended his pitch count beyond 80 this season if my memory serve me correctly. Jake, Barret, and Cole were huge out of the bullpen last year!

I said absolutely nothing personal. Only that you engaged in a sweeping generality, which you do frequently, usually in the middle of the game, and usually not supported by those inconvenient things known as facts. Stop with the generalities and I won’t call you out on them.