Grambling St at Arkansas

The GSU team has not issued a starting lineup yet. I’ll post when they do.

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NWS says south wind at 14. Somebody’s gonna have to mash one to get it out to right field.

Yeah you better hit a line drive or crush it to get it out

Yeah you hang breaking balls they will crush them

Got it out to left field quite nicely though

It’s amazing how small this ballpark is than Arlington… Everything this kid throws has been up

There’s always left field! I think Wegner can put one out. Of course Bybe just gave up a walk to lead off the game and then with 1 out. a homer!

Yeah I can’t say I’m real impressed with Bybee so far. Got away with an HBP or that would have been a 3-run shot.

Yes. He has to settle down.

Well maybe he has settled down now. 31 pitches 1st inning though.

These midweek games you never can tell what will happen Southern University is up 4-0 on LSU in the third

This is the kind of LH that normally gives us fits throws slower and slowest… we will see how we do today

First game for me to watch, msn what a change in this line up!! First man on!

Is anybody else getting crowd noise over the baseball audio?

Audio is all screwed up it keeps throwing in basketball sound LOL

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OK, at least I’m not imagining it.

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This is the kind of guy you got to think right field all day long or he’ll have you out in front of it and making you look silly

OMG horrible base running

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