Grambling at Arkansas game 2

It’s 72 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Now today is baseball weather! It’s nice to see Moore in the lineup.

3 outs in 5 pitches now that’s what I’m talking about! Very sharp start

5 pitches for Ledbetter to get 3 outs in that first inning. I really wish he’d become more efficient :sweat_smile:

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Now we got a soft LH throwing let’s see how we do. held Mississippi State down big time

Come on slavens!! head high smh ridiculous.

Slavens needs to learn to take that pitch up! He just can’t seem to take those period.
The hogs got 3 gift runs.

Are they better hitters, than the Hogs?

Stroking him this inning.

Yes. They are getting some great cuts.

Nice batting averages.

Okay guys, get up in front of the box, keep your weight back drive the ball the other way. The rookie showed you how to do it in the first inning y’all just follow what he does.

They have some good looking hitters especially the cleanup hitter who hit the home run

Okay new meat let’s eat!

They changed pitchers. This guys brings it but it don’t appear he knows where it’s going all the time.

We have too many batters below the Mendoza line - I don’t quite understand as we’ve started off with a soft schedule, besides Stanford.

This kind of pitching can really mess your timing up you see 74-75 and this weekend you’ll be seeing 90s which will look like a
100 after seeing all this slow stuff.

Well we played in some really bad weather
DVH said he counted 10 balls that would have been home runs had to wind not been blowing in so that’s cost us quite a few runs. But we are starting to hit the ball a lot better. This kind of pitching is tough to hit after you’ve been seeing fast pitching

I’d walk Turner, too.