Grambling at Arkansas game 1

Admaik needs a good outing.need him this yr

Mercy I read Gambling,wondering about all the money going to Vermont. LOL

That’s why you don’t walk people luckily leach throughout the runner stealing… he is not fooling these guys there getting some very good looks at him teams are hitting well better than 300 against him

I didn’t get on to the game until there was a runner on first. Don’t tell me we are walking batters again.

Yeah he hasn’t been sharp at all and to me he hasn’t been all year. Yeah threw 31 pitches to get out of the 1st. He has nothing he’s throwing by anybody see so far


I misread Marty heading. Grambling VS gambling, and thought we were talking Basketball. That answer your response irunalot??

That was by far his best inning of the year! Slider was very sharp which kept them off his fastball if he can do that he will be fine

3 runs on 1 hit good job Payton stovall

Gotta give these guys some slack sometimes youda. .

He is a totally different pitcher since the first inning. He has made an adjustment on that slider.

I seen a cutter in there too

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It’s like night and day with his control with everything really. fastball as high as 96

I’m kinda surprised that we only have 2 hits so far against this guy.

I feel for Webb, he is really struggling… I think he’s taking too many pitches. We really need his bat to come around

This guy’s been all over the place we’ve hit a couple of balls solid but right at people. Got a big breaking ball has fooled us a little bit, but we’ve had trouble with them all year

Very good inning for trest couple of 95 mph fastballs. Be great for him to get his form back from a couple of years ago. About time for the offense to give us some insurance

Troy has called Grambling the Lions at least five times. Uh, dude, the unis tell you: Tigers. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah I noticed that LOL

Turner with a missile over the right field wall… great start to the inning stovall getting a hit